We know our customers care as much about the environment as us. They are kind, well informed beings that want to leave the world a better place. To give you peace of mind when purchasing, we’ve broken down the efforts we have made to reduce our environmental impact.


When sourcing lab grown diamond suppliers, there was only one place to visit for us - Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world. We use ‘Vinçotte’ certified businesses from the city who meet the independent certification’s guidelines for CO2 neutral businesses. Unlike other areas of the world, these are third-party validated to ensure they meet the standards expected of them.

Our suppliers use experienced scientists to create the exact same conditions in which a diamond grows naturally, using renewable, recycled solar or wind energy to power the production.

Diamond Grading Report - IGI

Lab grown diamonds that are at least 0.30ct or more are provided with a diamond report from the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and are laser inscribed with their certificate number for easy tracing. This allows us to follow each diamond’s movement from production to arrival at HEERIA, ensuring it meets our strict ethical standards. See here for an example certificate. 


We use 100% recycled solid gold certified from the jewelry capital of Portugal in Gondomar. We source our gold from old jewelry, which is better for the environment and gives our gold pieces a beautiful hue. By shying away from rolled or filled gold we can keep our production’s eco footprint small, while ensuring that the gold does not tarnish or corrode over time.

Our jewelry comes in white or yellow 18k gold with the exception of our 14k gold necklace collection.

Our Hallmarks

All HEERIA jewelry is certified by the National Mint Institute, (INCM) in Portugal with stamps to reflect the gold karat (750 for 18K and 585 for 14K) and include our brand initials ‘H’.


Our workshop partners based in Portugal are carefully selected based on industry experience and quality craftsmanship in goldsmithing, stone setting and polishing. With over 30 years of technical expertise, the level of care and attention spent on each piece of jewelry is second-to-none, making each artisanal item a masterpiece that is designed and handcrafted to last a lifetime. HEERIA are delighted to work with such a talented team.