HEERIA is a fine jewelry brand which values sustainability and beauty in equal measure. When beautiful objects are created, they are all too often made without considering the ecological consequences of their production.  We strive to be different. 
HEERIA was founded on three principles: 
  1. To disrupt the fine jewelry industry by giving consumers the chance to make a conscious, informed choice about the jewelry they are purchasing.
  2. Provide our earth-loving customers full transparency of our crafting process and the sustainable materials we use for our 18k gold and 14k gold jewelry.
  3. To produce exceptional sustainable jewelry pieces that embodies quality craftsmanship and technical expertise, so it can be loved and adored by our and future generations.  

To meet these principles, we understand that as sentient beings we can all do our part to help preserve our beautiful earth and thank it for the remarkable things it does for us. We make choices which allow us to use only recycled materials such as 100% reclaimed solid gold and made-to-order lab grown diamonds to minimise our impact on the environment.